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Tips on Buying a Ballroom/Latin Dance Costume

As you can see in our eshop you can find a variety of over 15000 products:

For Ladies

Latin and Ballroom Dance Accessories, Ballroom Trousers, Custom-Made Ballroom Dresses, Custom-Made Latin Dresses, Custom-Made Latin Practise Skirt, Dance Tights, Dance Tops, Latin Leotards, Latin Trousers, Leg Warmers, Ready-Made Ballroom Dresses, Ready-Made Ballroom Skirt, Ready-Made Latin Dresses, Ready-Made Latin Skirts, Dance Underwear

For Men

Latin and Ballroom Dance Accessories, Custom-Made Ballroom Shirt, Custom-Made Ballroom Trousers, Custom-Made Latin Shirt, Custom-Made Latin Trousers, Custom-Made Tail Suits, Latin Trousers, Others-Practise Wear, Ready-Made Ballroom Shirt, Ready-Made Latin Shirt, Ready-Made Tail Suits, Vests

For Boys and Girls

A variety of Latin and Ballroom dance costumes

Dance Shoes

Latin and Ballroom dance shoes for competition, social dance, or practise.

How to find the best costume for you?

As the range of products in our shop is vast we suggest that after finding the category of the product that you are interested in, you use the sort by price section, which will appear on the left, to find what you want based on your budget.

Custom-Made Costume?

If you are ordering a custom-made costume, make sure you are accurate with the measurements you send. Your costume will be made based on your measurements. With accurate measurements, you will get an excellent fit.

Ready-Made Costume?

When you order a ready-made costume, it is also a good idea to get measurements of yourself. For most of the ready-made customs you can see in the description of the product a sizing chart with corresponding measurements for each size. As sizes, can vary for different manufacturer/tailors it is always a good idea to ensure that your measurements match with the measurements of the corresponding size.

Smart Shopping for Smart Dancers